Body Image and Eating Disorders

By: Brennan Ibata

How your body image can influence Eating Disorders

Your body image is very important in your life and it effects your life significantly. Your body image can both motivate you can depress you, it also can cause a number of eating disorders; however, on the positive side it can also motivate you to eat healthier.

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How a positive body image can effect you life

A positive body image will mostly have a positive image on your life. If you have a positive image whether you are healthy or not it will have good effects on your life. A positive body image means that you like the way you are, you will not go to extreme measures to make your image better, and you will be more motivated to stay the way that you are. This means that you will still be taking just the correct amount of nutrients you need to stay the same and you will not take in more or less than you need. Having a positive body image also means that you think of yourself as individual and you have more self-worth.

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Positive Body Immage Narrated Summary by brennan ibata

How a negative body image can effect your life.

If you have a negative body image it will have mostly negative effects on your life. These negative effects mostly come from you not liking the way that you look and wanting to change it. Having a negative body image can lead to horrible eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. Anorexia is when someone has a fear of gaining weight and bulimia is when someone eats a lot then tries not to gain weight by making them self-throw up the food. Some people may over exercise to lose a lot of weight quickly or they may overeat to gain weight quickly. If you have a bad body image then you will also have more risk of being depressed, having low self-esteem, and/ or having anxiety.

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