Coalition Against Insurance Fraud

Coalition Against Insurance Fraud Achievements

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The Coalition was founded in 1993 as the nation's only anti-fraud alliance speaking for consumers, insurance companies, government agencies and others.

We are helping to unify America's fraud fight. In just a few short years, we've become the voice of the anti-fraud community and a trusted source of information on all aspects of insurance fraud. Among our achievements...

Government affairs

Enact stronger laws. We serve as a leading national source for tough anti-fraud legislation and regulation. Our model anti-fraud laws take a hardline stance against all aspects of this crime. They're endorsed by major national groups representing state legislators. Nineteen states have passed anti-fraud laws based on the Coalition's model insurance fraud bill, the most comprehensive model ever drafted for insurance fraud.

Create model laws. We have developed model laws making it a crime to recruit people into fraud schemes and to hire recruiters, creating a state fraud bureau, requiring inspections and photos for used vehicles before the owner buys auto insurance and setting guidelines for anti-fraud regulations.

Strengthen anti-fraud. The Coalition routinely advises state legislators and regulators on anti-fraud laws and strategy, and acts as official advisor to key organizations that represent state lawmakers, regulators, investigators and consumers.

Hold major summits. We sponsor national and state summits that bring together leading fraud fighters from industry, government and elsewhere to focus on key anti-fraud issues, and to build consensus about ways to fight back.

Support prosecutions. The Coalition supports stronger state fraud prosecution by filing amicus briefs with the Massachusetts supreme court when trial lawyers sought to undercut funding of fraud prosecutors. The court ruled in favor of state funding, and used some of the Coalition's language in its decision.

Alerting the public

Earn national news coverage. We raise public awareness of insurance fraud, and how the public can fight back. We're a leading national expert for the news media. The Coalition regularly places stories with news outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times,BusinessWeek, U.S. News & World Report, USA Today, Associated Press, Forbes, Fortune,60 Minutes, 20-20, NBC Today Show, CBS, ABC and NBC News, Primetime and Court TV.

Provide a definitive website. No other Internet site provides the depth of information on insurance fraud in the U.S., fulfilling a needed service to the entire fraud-fighting community — consumers, anti-fraud professionals, researchers, public officials and others. Ranked #1 in Google search engines for the last eight years. More than 9,000 pages on the Internet are linked to

Empower consumers. The Coalition offers hard-hitting consumer information to expand their understanding of the problem, help them avoid bookletsbecoming victims, encouraging them to report fraud and helps them make better ethical decisions in buying and using insurance. Consumer materials available include videos, posters and full-color brochures offering vital practical advice and alerts. They're titled Fraud: The Crime You Pay For. Continue reading…