Ridgecrest Academy

A new beginning to something excellent

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Significance of the Name

Ridgecrest has a simple history behind it. Established in 2015, our school was built of lush ridges in Lands Creek, North Carolina. The popular ridges, that attract several tourists helped us create the perfect name for our school.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to send young adults into the world to spread creativity and strength.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop young adults with artistic and or athletic mindsets. We will recognize every individuals creativity and skill and provide them with unique resources for them to thrive and fulfill their dreams.

Our Focus

Ridgecrest Academy primarily focuses on the Arts and Athletics. We are preparing our students for college, by providing the best teachers, facilities, and tools for them to succeed.

Athletics Department

Ridgecrest Academy has amazing sport facilities, we have a renowned swimming facilities, and basketball courts, We provide almost every sport from football to cricket, whatever appeals best to our students. We prepare our students for college and a future career, by providing recruiting camps, hosted by us and many others.

Arts Department

Ridgecrest Academy has one of the most magnificent art facilities filled with prestigious art centers and museums. Our arts department includes theatre, dance, music, and fine arts, we provide the best instructors, and competitions to help our students in the art field succeed.
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Bell Schedule

Our school goes through a process of what is called A/B block scheduling. During this students will focus on academics and arts or athletics. Each day they'll spend 4.5 hours in their arts or athletics course then 2.5 in academics.

Mascot & Colors

Our mascot is a bear, bears represent power, and gentle strength. Our athletes will portray power and strength and our artists will convey gentle strength through their since of poetry, dance, and canvases.

Our colors are maroon, white, and black. Maroon represents sacrifice and bravery and that's what are students are conveying since they are attending a boarding school to fulfill their dreams. Next we have black, this represents power, elegance, and sophistication. Our students will be sophisticated and poise. We value sophistication from our students. Lastly our color is white, white represents peace, precision, and simplicity. Our school will be a peace area for students to work, we value precision in our arts community, and our campus is simple and clean, to give off a peaceful environment.

Lodge Retreat

Each year the week before students depart for Christmas Break we take our students to a set of rented lodges in Lands Creek, North Carolina. During this time students take time to get to no each other to small rituals and games. During the school year the athletic and arts focused students are commonly seperated, this retreat allows all of them to integrate and get to know each other and form friendships beyond their focus. To attend this trip, students are required to score a 76 or higher on academic finals and 83 or higher on arts/athletics finals
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Connect With Us!

Ridgecrest Academy holds visitation of our campus on Saturays and Sundays. We have an 8am, 11am, and 1pm campus tour. Visit our website to schedule a visit!

Attending a game or museum? Purchase tickets on our website NOW!

Senior Commencement Photos DEADLINE; February 22