Buy Platinum!

$800 for an ounce, $24,000 for a kilogram, 200+ for jewelry

Why you should buy platinum

Since Valentines Day is coming up why not buy something for someone you care about such as platinum. Platinum is used for many jewelry items such as watches and rings. Platinum is one of the rarest metals on earth. Platinum stays shiny for a long time and won't lose the color.Platinum is a hypoallergenic metal which means it wont give you a rash which is good for people with sensitive skin.

If you are wanting the element itself Platinum is also used for catalytic converters, laboratory equipment, thermometers and dentistry equipment

The selling point is $800 per ounce and 24,000 for a kilogram, 200+ for jewelry

Platinum is far more expensive than most other metals, but over time you wont have to spend more money on repair. Platinum has a variety of uses that most people don't know about; platinum is used to make dentistry tools and some thermometers. Its uses range from if you are a scientist, dentist or someone who wants to purchase a platinum ring.

Basic Facts about Platinum

Its symbol is Pt, its atomic number is 78 and the atomic mass is 195.084. It is in period 6 and it is in group 10. Platinum is part of the Transition Metals, it is ductile, malleable and can conduct energy and electricity well like most transition metals. It is shiny and doesn't follow the general rules. It has two outer shells instead of one.