End-of-Year Library Information

What to do with your materials!

Textbook Turn-in Time

If students ask, YES they have to return textbooks by May 31st @ 1:00.

But what about YOU?

What do I do when I get the "check-out" sheet from the library?

This is the list of ALL the materials you checked out from the library.

  • If you're keeping a class set, have a student service check the barcodes. Make a little check mark to notate the book(s) are actually in your room.
  • If you're keeping Teacher materials, check that they are on the list. Make a little check mark to notate you actually have it.
  • Highlight anything that is missing.
  • Return anything to the library that you're finished using.
  • Sign your name at the top! When you bring this in, you'll get the final end-of-year signature on the sheet that Lynn distributes.

Email, call, or stop by if you need a) help, b) advice, c) a cart, d) a shoulder to cry on, or e) chocolate.