Body Stockings

Bodystockings: The Efficient Sensuous Lingerie

Choice of female lingerie is remarkably large. Bodystocking is a lingerie which is worn for covering the legs, hands and torso. This one-piece underwear is preferred by all women who wish to replace distinct undergarments to cover their private areas using something that is more comfy yet sensual.

Styles Of Bodystockings

Previously, bodystockings had been designed as a costume for acrobats and gymnasts. These opaque outfits covered the torso and limbs. For wider coverage and more support, the wearer often selected to wear panties and brassieres under the bodystocking. With the passage of time, this costume of acrobats and gymnasts has evolved into a sexual lingerie. The new bodystocking is used to highlight the curves. They are now the popular costumes among erotic dancers. Even females who wish to seduce their partners often substitute their sexy robe with more daring and bolder fishnet bodystockings.

Unlimited bodystocking designs are now available in the market. As the garment exposes considerable skin, normally women who are confident about the shape of their body prefer this type of sexy lingerie. The body-hugging undergarment’s flattening effect accentuates the curves of body. Hence, ensure that the lingerie you wear is in the right size. While slim women can easily fit in these bodystockings, larger women should cover their limbs and trunk with one-piece plus sized lingerie.

Selecting the Bodystockings

The designs and fabrics of Bodystockings are alike the conventional bodystockings. Just like the stocking used to cover the thighs and the legs, similar parameters such as quality of fabric, color, sheerness and size are used for evaluating a bodystocking quality. When shopping for these, always take into consideration why you are wearing the lingerie. They are not worn only for fun or sensory pleasure; they are also used for the body support. However, a body stocking cannot give support more than the support provided by one-piece garments, like a bodysuit. To gain a better shape, consider wearing bodystockings with suitable underwear and bras.

Bodystockings are manufactured of different fabrics. Satin, silk, fishnet and nylon are commonly used in the making of this lingerie. Colors also differ. White, red, pastel and black shades are the popular colors. The design of bodystocking depends upon your purpose of wearing. For efficient purposes, opaque bodystockings are preferred by most females. Full-sleeved designs are worn under the full-sleeved shirts and sleeveless styles can be worn beneath all kinds of outfits. For sexual pleasure, women can go for faux garter sensuous strapless design.

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