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November 2018

Shirt/Sweatshirt Sale

George Hall Shirt/Sweatshirt Sale

Last day for orders: NOVEMBER 9, 2018

T-Shirts $10.00 (2X-5X $15.00)

___ Youth S ___ Adult S ___Adult 2XL

___Youth M ___Adult M ___ Adult 3XL

___Youth L ___Adult L ___Adult 4XL

___Youth XL ___ Adult XL ___Adult 5XL

Sweatshirts $15.00 (2x-5x $20.00)

___ Youth S ___ Adult S ___Adult 2XL

___Youth M ___Adult M ___ Adult 3XL

___Youth L ___Adult L ___Adult 4XL

___Youth XL ___ Adult XL ___Adult 5XL

Thanksgiving Lunch - Thursday, November 15

Adult Lunch Price: $5.25

Lunch Times:

Pre-K 11:00

K 11:10

1st 11:20

2nd 11:30

3rd 11:40

4th 11:50

5th 12:00

Fall Festival- Friday, November 16

Hall Elementary Fall Festival

November 16, 2018


Play Times


4th and 5th


2nd and 3rd


Pre-k/ Kindergarten / 1st

Concession Times


Pre-k/ Kindergarten / 1st


2nd and 3rd


4th and 5th

All money and forms must be turned in by noon Wednesday, November 14.

Permission Form attached below:

Fall Festival Donations

PTA is requesting that parents make donations for our Fall Festival. Items needed are: 2 liter drinks, bottled water, and Little Debbie Cakes. All donations should be turned in to the school by Wednesday, November 14. Thank you for supporting our PTA with your donations!

PTA Adult Plate Sale at Fall Festival

PTA will be selling adult plates during Fall Festival. Costs for plates will be $5.00. Plates will contain hot dogs, chips, and a drink. Meal tickets will be sold through the office during the festival.

Thanksgiving Break

School will be closed November 19-23


Students should practice fluency in reading and math every night!

Fluency is how quickly you can complete a task accurately.

Many times our students struggle with math problems because of the time that it takes to remember math facts needed to solve a problem. Math fact fluency is so important! Students need daily practice in addition and subtraction in the lower grades and multiplication and division in the upper grades. Online games and flash cards are very helpful in building fluency.

Math Facts in a Flash is a computer program that you can access from home. More information on the program can be found below.

For reading, students need uninterrupted periods of time to read! Make time for your child to read. Read with your child. Let your child read to you.

Working on reading and math fact fluency is something that you can do with your child every day!

Online Learning Programs

Below you will find links to computer programs that we use at school that are also available for students to use at home. Additional practice using these programs will help your students to grow!

Click on the brown bars to be directed to the programs.

Math Facts in a Flash

Login: Student ID

Password: abc

Learning Farm

Contact teacher for student login

Think Through Math 3rd-5th

Login: Student ID

Password: Student ID

USA Test Prep - 3rd-5th

Contact teacher for student login

Freckle Learning

Teacher can provide login information

From Mrs. Haley - School Counselor


Our goal for the month of October was to remind students to continue to respect each other’s differences, and to celebrate the things that make us unique. At Hall, we feel strongly about teaching the students to treat others the way they want to be treated. As well as respecting their bodies by pledging to stay drug free!

Hall had several community partners visit with the students to discuss the dangers of tobacco, bullying behaviors, and ways to show respect to others. Here are a few conversation topics to continue with your student.


· Showing consideration for other people and their property.

· Caring for ourselves, family, community, and school.

· Appreciating and accepting individual differences.

How can we show respect?

· Use kind words and good manners.

· Listen to what others have to say. Follow the rules.

· Appreciate differences among people.

· Take care of other people’s property at school, home, and in the community.

· Help others.

“If you expect respect, then be the first to show it!”

“Respect is learned, earned, and returned."

Students of the Month

Character Trait:


Zayah Collins

Zho'e Calhoun

Karsan Strother

Kelise Robinson

A'driana Moore

David Wallace

Orlando Wolfe

Jeremiah Allen

Brooklyn Carter

Aniyah York

Jandrei Saptuala

Khale Perone

Aubrey Stallworth

Amair Perryman

Khartara Petite

Corlicia Kyles

Christopher Brown

Destiny Houston


Join PTA! Family memberships are $10.00 for the year!

Uniform Reminders

Please make sure that you child is in uniform each day. Please remember the following:

  • white crew socks only
  • tennis shoes only
  • outerwear must be red or navy ONLY.
  • all non-uniform outerwear must be removed before entering the building


· Students should NOT be on campus before 7:30am!

· Teachers are not on duty until 7:30am.

· Students who come on campus before 7:30am are unattended. This is a safety concern!

· Please do not allow your child to exit your car until the morning carpool staff is on duty at 7:30.

Special Diet or Food Allergies

The Child Nutrition Program must have written documentation from a physician for students who require an alternative diet or food items. Mrs. Hunter has the "Diet Prescription for Meals at School " form that will need to be completed by the physician. Please let us know if you need this form. If you have submitted one in the past, please be reminded that the form is only current for that school year and that a new form must be completed for the 2018-2019 year.

Alta Pointe School Based Program

Hall Elementary has a school-based therapist from AltaPointe three days each week. If you believe that your child has a need or could benefit from their services, please let the office know and we can help you to schedule an intake appointment.

Web Sites & Videos for Kids

Order Form attached below: