Simulating Infant Development

Makayla Keith

Keep it simple and natural

  • talking, cuddling, or singing to the baby
  • experts urge parents to give the children an rich environment with positive interaction and talking
  • everyday experiences

Match experiences to the child's mental abilities

  • babies need physical experiences, this is how they learn
  • it's important to provide experiences at their level of understanding
  • Using flashcards are too advanced for a three month old, but using an interactive toy can help infants learn

Practice makes perfect

  • Establish routines with the baby so the baby learns what to expect
  • Make sure to read a bedtime story every night
  • Doing these kind of daily routines will help the baby learn as they grow

Actively involve the baby

  • Provide experiences in which the child takes part
  • Use imaginary play
  • Children of all ages learn best by doing activities

Provide variety, but avoid overload

  • Parents try to expose their baby to as many different experiences as possible
  • Babies do benefit from a variety of experiences
  • Don't over load on the baby, it can overwhelm them

Avoid Pushing the child

  • Children learn better if they're interested
  • Look for clues as to whether or not the child is interested
  • If they are not interested in the activity, don't pursue it.