Playground Project

by Chadd Hill and Avery Cobb

Problem: Work through the engineering design process to design a piece of playground equipment for kids in elementary school.

Constraints of Project:

  1. Must include 6 play elements, such as swings, slides, etc.
  2. Has to be one solid structure (cannot be connected via ropes, It would move as one piece).
  3. Must be Safe!!!!!
  4. Safe to play on while raining.
  5. Has a slide and swing.


What do kids like:1.swing sets, the kids stay there for half an hour at least 2. Bridges: shaky, but fun and lively. 3. tiny spiral stairs, get you there quick.

We like: swings,slides,giant climbing walls, and tunnels

Play sets have swings,slides, and other common playground equipment.

Playground 4

This play set includes a sandbox, a ladder, a slide, and a swing set. We dislike the ladder design and the color, the color is to plain. We like the sandbox at the bottom and how easy it is to build.

playground 5

This play set includes a swing set,a slide,a ladder, monkey bars, and a play kitchen. We like how it has the play kitchen.We dislike how the ladder is so easy to fall off of.

Google sketch up playground

Big image

Test and Evaluate

Could have made the monkey bars safer. Put the swings further back from the steps so kids will not hit each other. Overall this is a safe playground, it just needs a few improvements.

Positives and Negatives

It fits perfectly in the corner of your backyard and has a clubhouse. The monkey bars could be safer and the clubhouse area could be taller. We would sell it to a company for the convenience factor for it being small.

Redesign what we could improve

We could make the structure taller, give the slide more of a curve, make the clubhouse bigger and the monkey bars safer.