Saturn's charisticts

Saturn's length of day is 10 hours and 35 minutes. which is 13 hours and 25 minutes sorter then earth day. But saturn's year is much longer then earths year.which is 10,391 more then earth. And 60 more moons.

History about saturn

james Clerk Maxwell demonstrates. That Saturn's rings are made of many circling objects not one sold ring. Galileo Galilei was the first to observe saturn. With a telescope in 1610.

Fun fact's!

Did you know that the entire planet and all of its rings would just fit between Earth and our moon.,Saturn is a swirling ball of gas and high pereshered liquid.,Saturn's mass is 95.18 more then earths mass.,Saturn's diameter is 9.4 times the diameter of earth. And Saturn is the sixth planet in the soaler sistum.

Saturn's col

Saturn's has two colors. yellow with faint blue strips. And the color of the rings are gold with bits of black. The storms are brown with swerls. The serfis is blue with craters and mountens.