M-Powerment Strategy #1

Collaborative Culture of Caring

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M-Powerment Strategy #1 Highlight: Mrs. Robinson

M-1: Collaborative Culture of Caring: Teachers collaborate to create a culture of caring where every child every day feels valued and nurtured.

TOGETHER we make a FAMILY! Our go to saying for MMS cosigns with M-Powerment Strategy M-1: Collaborative Culture of Caring. In my short time at MMS I can see how we work together to make sure every child feels a sense of value amongst our school family. This is definitely no easy task and something none of us will ever master. Instead, it is one of the strategies that we should all continue to work together to perfect. Working together and being willing to bounce ideas off of one another is what makes our FAMILY great! Being willing to have those tough conversations with students and families is why our families trust us with their students everyday. Each day the best child that a family has to offer walks into our building and we must continue to embrace all of our children and teach them right from wrong while we guide them in life. What I think is so great about teaching middle school children, is knowing that all of our student’s have traveled different roads and being able to embrace that as a learning experience for all within our classrooms. I challenge each of you to find one student that you don’t know much about and dedicate 2 minutes a day for 10 days straight just talking to that child about something other than academics. Often we say we don’t have time but I know that we all can find two minutes. If you would like to read more about this Two-by-Ten strategy please read this article published by ASCD.

Ideas to Consider

Collaborate with parents: Newsletters and Remind are two great ways to communicate with parents. If you need help with either let us know!

Student Collaboration: Small collaborative groups with roles, Student Voice and Choice - consider some choice boards, and build relationships with your students - Here are some icebreaker questions.

Symbaloo of Collaborative Tools

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If you are teaching a lesson or using a strategy that will build a collaborative culture in your classroom, please let us know so we can come by and check it out!

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MMS Instructional Tips

In the article, "6 Ways to Let Your Students Know You Care", author Karen Hume writes "Caring is evident when you recognize students as unique human beings with different learning needs and preferences, and when you “check in” with students through actions such as walking around the classroom, talking to everybody to see how they are doing, answering their questions, and expressing confidence in their ability to improve."

Here is one activity shared in her article for getting to know your students and allowing them to show their creativity:

My Life in Six Words—Here’s an idea that’s tailor-made for the text-messaging generation: Legend has it that when Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write a novel in six words, he wrote, “For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn.” Larry Smith, editor of the online magazine Smith, picked up on this idea a few years ago and invited readers to submit their life story in exactly six words. Smith published several collections of these six-word stories, including one by adolescents, titled I Can’t Keep My Own Secrets. Inspire your students by showing them this wonderful video clip, and then check in with them by inviting them to tell you how they are doing, using exactly six words.


Article: http://www.teachmag.com/archives/3484

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MMS Media Tips:

M-Powerment #1: Collaborative Culture of Caring

As you work to build a collaborative culture in your classroom, please remember to utilize the CAVE and the collaborative areas to build this culture in your classroom. Let Batman and Robin know if we can be of any assistance for you and your class when visiting the CAVE. We want to help you build a collaborative culture in your classroom!

PIcture: Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 14 Aug. 2016. Web. 1 Sep. 2016.

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