Brians Hunt

BY:Cody Compton

The Setting

The setting is in the Far reaches of the wilderness. In the summer going into fall.


Brian and the hurt dog he meet.

The main conflict

It is Brian is in the woods because of the plain crash and is by himself. Then he finds this hurt dog and fix's her up. Then he is finding this bear and killed it by himself. The main conflict is external.

Rising Action

Brian gets into this plane crash and is all by himself at this lake. He finds this hurt dog and sews her up with some fishing line in the firelight. Then he gets worried about his care free friends that are north of his camp. He meets this girl and they stay together and she's tells brain that this bear killed her family. Then when the troopers come brain said he was going to stay and hunt the bear. Then he started the big hunt for that bear. Then he finds the bear and it attacks him but he stilled killed it with two of the arrows for his bow.

The Climax

Brian the main character get in this plain crash and he is in the woods by himself. He was hearing this thing whimpering but when he looked he couldn't see anything and it stopped. Then it happened again . He looked again and again and again but nothing but just then a small black thing was across the water. He went over there and it was a hurt dog. He went over and sewed her up and moved on to go get food with the dog. He meet this girl and they lived together and she told brain that the bear killed her family brain said "I am going to kill that bear." The trooper came to get the girl and asked brain if he wanted to go but he said no he wanted to stay and kill that bear. Brain and the dog kept moving and they found the bear. The bear attacked brain and almost killed him but brain killed it.


1 When he said thank you every time he killed something. 2When he is fixing the dog and caring for her.3When he is getting worried about his care free friends north from his camp.

I think they are important because it is showing that he cares for the stuff he doe like when he kills something he says thank you right after.


"Your such a tough dog ,I couldn't take this, I know you must have good genes, tough genes, A tough mother and father to take this .Pulling, pushing, and poking and just keep taking it and taking it"

"I have to hurt you," he said to the dog, petting her on the head. "I'm sorry, but we have to sew that up. I'll talk and tell you what I'm doing but if we don't sew it and cover it the flies will plant eggs in it..."All the time he was talking he was preparing himself, kneeling by the dog, threading the fish line through the needle in the fire light in itself no mean feat and hoping his talk would soothe the dog. "I'm going to clean the wound with a little water from the lake. He knew it wasn't hygienic but the wound was full of dirt and grass and the water was cleaner than that. He thought about boiling it but then we would have to wait for it to cool and that would take too long. The dog was steady now but might not hold for a long time.

The Theme

Relaying on yourself is a good way to survive when your by yourself.

Examples 1.He wanted to go look for that bear.

2.He wasn't scared

3.He killed the bear by himself.

Figurative Language

1.The deer took 3 steps dropped and faced his head facing east.

2.At first he thought they were gone, perhaps back to a town for some reason.

3.Brians had changed his mind and couldn't explain why...

Getting started

In the book brains hunt, there are many examples of figurative language one example.

1He thought of it now as home.