1B Update #6

December 18, 2015

A Big Thanks!

The Curriculum Share was a huge success! The students did a wonderful job of leading the share as well as explaining their projects and understanding. Thank you for coming to join us.

We also want to say thanks for taking time to join us at the Parent-Teacher Conferences. It is wonderful to check-in with you all and share the progress your child is making. We appreciate that you take the time to join us.

What's Happening in 1B

While we revealed most of our work at the Curriculum Share, we still kept busy in reading, writing and math. Check out what we have done below.


We have been working so hard on discovering new ways to solve math. Most recently we have been seeing the ways in which math problems can be represented by both addition and subtraction number sentences. Addition can be easy to some, but solving subtraction problems in first grade can be a little tricky. We have been playing Flashcard Dash to help us work on quickly solving subtraction problems. You can support your child at home by creating or printing out subtraction flashcards under 25 and practice with them for 5-10 minutes a day.


We added onto our retelling skills by using sequencing words in our retell. To do this, we use words like “first, next, then, after that, finally” to help us remember the order that a story occurs and strengthen our recall. When we are reading stories, ask us questions with these sequencing words.

  • What happened first?

  • What happened next?

  • What is the final event?


Our editing process is under way! The first step is Purple Punctuation. We began editing by reading our work to see where we need to place a period or other punctuation. To do this, we read out loud and listened for when we paused. Then, we used a purple editing pen to place a punctuation mark to fit the sentence. If we have a writing center or space at home, editing pens might be a fun way for us to reread our writing. Wait for the next update and we will reveal more colors we will be using for editing.

Learner Profile of the Month

The Learner Profiles have been a part of the classroom culture and utilized as a way to discuss and develop characteristics of a well-rounded global citizen. This year, BPCS is recognizing students who demonstrate the characteristics of the monthly Learner Profile. While many of our students embody multiple Learner Profiles, we are highlighting the ones that they either gravitate towards or show growth in. Check out the definitions for October's Caring and November's Risk-Taker Learner Profiles. December and January will be revealed next month.

Making a Musical Meal!

The months of November and December are filled with all kinds of celebratory meals - and students in 1B had the opportunity to create their own tasty "rhythmic meal" in Music Class! Students identified the rhythmic patterns for certain foods (Tur-key, Pump-kin-Pie) and assigned the appropriate musical notation (1/4, 1/8th, etc) to these words. Next they piled their plates high with all the foods they like to eat, and finally, they shared the music that their food made with others!

If you are interested in exploring more rhythmic foods with your students - check out this great poster on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/18225573465752364/

Dance With Ms. Siby

1B Dancers have begun their Jazz dance unit! They are learning an excerpt of Duke Ellington's Harlem Nutcracker entitled, Dance of the Floreadores (Dance of the Flowers). For choreographic inspiration, we looked at pictures of winter flowers and re-interpreted the shapes we observed. Through the choreographic process, dancers are learning to move using polyrhythms and syncopation - great work, dancers! We look forward to sharing a video of our dance, once it is complete. Happy Holidays!

¡1B Actúa en Español!

It has been a pleasure seeing 1B growing and learning so fast in Español. We know our days of the week perfectly; we know our familia and parts of la casa (the house). We are continuing the Spanish exploration through theater and games.

We had so much fun playing in la casa using TPR (Totally Physical Respond) and we definitely are such good actors, better than a telenovela.

Thank you for participating in the Curriculum Share. I heard it was amazing! Thanks Coach M to representing Ms. Rosado. Just in case you miss it here is the Curriculum Share video. Enjoy!

¡Felices Fiestas!

Happy Holidays!

Muchas Gracias,


1B Curriculum Share Video!

1B Curriculum Share Fall 2015