How to build your biceps

How to build your biceps - Most often, teens and adults love to flaunt bodybuilders alone muscles - biceps, and this is difficult to blame them, because this is the most attractive part of the body on the results of a large number of polls leading journals in the world. In fact, anatomical dimensions of the muscles are sufficiently small, but that it makes many visitors gyms admire it. One of the things that are new to the gym interested in it - how to build biceps.

In the case when it comes to weight, then the best option is to run the sets 4-6, which include 6-15 repetitions. With all this, the weight that you choose must not allow you to make more sets. This is necessary in order to stimulate their biceps, and subsequently operate only on its growth.

To understand how to pump up your biceps, you need to remember that the growth of these muscles have positive effect partial reps. It is best to include them in the completion of each set. In addition, it would be nice to spend personal special sets that would be devoted only to them.

The most sensible option is to perform them after you have completed work on the first or second Seth major exercises. You can also do the exercises with only stop, which should be in the middle of the amplitude of your movements.