Ancient China Acheivements

Ancient China / Our Society

Ancient Chinese have invented a lot of things that we still use today.

The things that Ancient Chinese invented that we use today are paper, silk, the wheelbarrow, rubber, and many more. But those were the most popular things that Ancient China had invented.

Describe our society without the achievements above . . . . . .

Without NOTHING !!! ;-(.

If Ancient China had not developed or invented none of these inventions people wouldn't use paper anymore and will start drawing but on their electronics and they wouldn't have to cut trees anymore to make paper. If they didn't even make a wheelbarrow we would have the hardest time in the garden because we can't carry any supplies in are hands and if would fall !!! If nobody bothered to even make a compass we wouldn't even care about it and the GPS. Also we will get lost everywhere because we don't know where these places are located at. So I guess that we would have at least have some hard times and problems because we wouldn't be able to live without them.

By: Jocelyn Santiago P5