the sunflower state

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Kansas State flag

The Kansas flag has a big sunflower over the top of it and some men working in the field and 34 stars on top of it with a sun coming up from the ground.

Kansas State founded

January 29, 1861 Kansas Statehood was granted.
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State seal

this is a picture of Kansas State seal.
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building capital

This is Kansas State capital being built in Topeka most of it is done but not all of it all that needs to be done is the top of the building but the rest of it is already done in the picture but this is a old photo of it still being worked on but now it is already done and worked on if you want to see a new photo of it in the next picture below it shows the new building.
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State capital building

This is Kansas State capital building in Topeka.

state capital

This is Kansas State capital Topeka.

largest city

Kansas largest city is Wichita.
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License plate

This is Kansas License plate it has Kansas state capital in the back ground and these plants in the front and has Kansas in all capital letters.

how Kansas got it's name

The state Kansas was named after the river. It was called the Kansas river witch was named by French after the Kansas. It was name after a Indian word KaNze meaning in Kansas language, south wind.
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president from kansas

The 34 president Dwight D. Eisenhower was born in Denison Texas but was raised Kansas. He went to the us military Academy in west point new York. His career was a us army solider. He got married July 1 1916 he got married to Mamie Geneva Doud. He died march 28 1969 in Washington dc. He was buried in Abilene Kansas.
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president house

This is the house that the 34 presadent dwight Eisonhower lived in when he lived in Kansas.
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State Mammal

The State animal of Kansas is a Buffalo.
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Kansas jail

This is a Kansas landmark.1920 jail on east 2nd st.
Western Meadowlark

state bird video

This is Kansas state bird making nose.
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Kansas jail

This is a Kansas landmark. 1901 limestone jail on 403 S Taylor.
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State rock

This is Kansas state rock.

Kansas Abbreviation

The Abbreviation of Kansas is ks.
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sun set

This is Kansas sunset with a colorful back ground and a cabin.
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sun rises

This is a picture of Kansas sun rises and the sky is rainbow with a barn.
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State amphibian

This is Kansas state amphibian it is a Barred Tiger Salamander.
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State mountain

Kansas State mountain is mount sunflower.
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bigest twine bal

This is the bigest twine ball in the world it is in Cawerk city, Kansas.
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Kansas air museum

This is Kansas air museum it has all of Kansas plane of combat in world war 1 and world war 2.
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Kansas museum

This is Kansas State museum of World Treasures. They have stuff like dinosaur bones and old guns and old cars and also canons and old items you would see in the old days.
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State fish

Kansas State fish is a catfish.
HOME ON THE RANGE - Original 1873 Lyrics & Chorus - Tom Roush

State song

This is Kansas State song its name is home on the range.