Enzyme Lab

By Alec Balderas

Ms.DeLozier, 2nd

Lewisville Highschool


In this lab we were determining the rate of reaction for the enzyme catalyst and how different factors may contribute to the rate of reaction for the enzyme of each group whom all have a different contributing factor


In the group I was a part of we were determining how the enzyme reaction rate would effected by temperature


How does the different temperature effect the reaction rate of a substrate?


My hypothesis to this lab experiment was that as you increased the temperature of the substrate the reaction rate would increase or be more rapid when added to the enzyme


Flask, Hot plate, Pressure and temperature probe, Gloves, Stop watch and goggles


Add 100mL of substrate into flask then heart of said substrate to certain temperature adding in the substrate into enzyme once reaching appropriate temperature then record the pressure released, repeat process exactly the same only changing the temperature for each new test
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The data we gathered did not in fact support my hypothesis, in my hypothesis I stated that as the temperature increased the reaction rate would in fact increase as well but I was wrong once the temperature hit a certain degree the amount of pressure released began to drop therefor showing that the reaction had start to decrease


Ms.DeLozier, Anh Tran, Christian Leon, Harrison Herd, Joey Do