Top 10 Technology Rules for Parents

By: Sahil Gill

1. Never ever give out personal information

People all over the world can use it against you. Never give out your name, home address, credit cards, and other types of information.

2. Set the example!

Show your kids the guidelines you want them to follow. Limit the time you spend on your phone, t.v, and using the internet.

3.Give your kids suggestions for using Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Don't let your kids use any social networking sites that are intended for a older audience until they are in high school. Give out advice about these social networking sites they can be really useful or could be bad if you don't know how to use them.
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4. Talk to people you know!

You should only talk to people you know on the internet. Talking to random people could be dangerous because they might get you into telling them your personal information.

5.Limit time your kids get to use technology

Kids usually stay awake really late on their iPod or other devices, and you parents don't even realize it. Always make sure your kid's devices are in your possession at night. That way they can't stay up all night and go to sleep at school.

6. Don't Text and Drive

You're 23 times more likely to get into a car accident when you text and drive. You should always keep your eyes and mind on the road.
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7.Don't click on any suspicious websites or any viruses

If you end up on a suspicious website go back do not click on anything on the website.
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8. Turn off your computer once your done using it

If you have a webcam on your computer and accidentally leave it on some people can hack your webcam and see everything your're doing. This can be very dangerous so turn off the computer.

9. Always turn your computer off at night even if it's not being used

Some people leave their computer on at night when they are sleeping. They don't know that even if the computer is off it still uses electricity. Also the computer could over heat and possibly get destroyed.

10. Never give out your identity

If you use your identity people can steal it and use the exact name as you. Then they can add people you know then your friends and family will think it's you when it's really not.