Choice board project

By: Aaron Vasquez

Persian Gulf War

  • The Persian Gulf War started when Saddam Hussien , president of Iraq , invaded Kuwait for oil and ports.
  • The US , worried about oil supply , sided with the UN and other allies. The liberation of Kuwait was called Operation Desert Storm.
  • Pres. Bush used the shock and awe tactic and the war ended is 42 days.
  • Unfortunately oil fields were burned by Saddam and caused destruction in Kuwait on the retreat .

Operation Iraqi Freedom

Operation Iraqi Freedom took place in Iraq after the US invaded trying to stop weapons of mass destruction ( WMDs ) in 2003. Saddam Hussien's government then collapsed when he was found hiding in a hole in the desert. Iraq was remade into a better , democratic government and executed Hussien. Even though Iraq has improved conflict still exists today.

War in Afghanistan

The war in Agganistan started soon after Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda took responsibility for 9/11. The Taliban had allowed Bin Laden and the extremist Islamic group to hide in Afghanistan. President Bush declared war and troops were to find and kill Osama Bin Laden. Many parts of the country were bombed while in pursuit of the leader . Finally the black ops found him hiding in his home and shot him after ten years. The US stayed in Afgnanistan to help it recover in a democratic form of government.