Cognitive and Behavior therapy

What are differences and similarities

Cognitive therapy

Cognitive therapy is "a very helpful tool in treating mental disorders and illnesses. This therapy not only helps people with mental illnesses but everyone to learn how to better manage stressful life situations"(mayo clinic,2013).

Behavioral therapy is "usually focused on helping an individual understand how changing their behavior on increasing the person's engagement in positive reinforcement activities. (Herkov,2013).

Cognitive therapy

Cognitive therapy is a therapy that has many theories to help with problems such as: becoming aware of inaccurate thinking. By becoming aware of this you can view harmful thinking processes and be able to help yourself by a combination therapy and self help therapy.

Behavioral therapy

Behavioral therapy is to unlearn poor or harmfful behaviors. Such as behaviors that are learned through society as it is aearned behavior it can be unlearned. An example of a learned behavior is bullying. How to change this behavior is first to recognize the problem secondly enter therapy. By therapy sessions the therapist will give a series of therapies to unlearn this negitive behavior.

Similarities of therapies

The similarities of these therapies are that both are to help improve the clients quality of life.The difference is that with cognitive therapy it helps the clients thinking process as with behavioral therapy this is to help with harmful behaviors such as bullying, taking drugs, being abusive are just a few behaviors. With both therapy and self help techniques are helpful and proven to be effective.