Extra Credit

By Vincent and Brock

What's it about

It's about a girl that lives in America named Abby and she's failing six grade. Then she needs too do a extra credit assignment and its to be pen pals with a girl in Afghanistan named Amira and she has a brother Sadeed. Sadeed is actually the person writing to Abby. And then Sadeed gives a letter to the mail man and its actually a letter Sadeed wrote.


The problem in the story was that Sadded could not write to Abby because of a law in Kabul Afghanistan that girls can not talk or communicate with boys. Amira is having trouble with English so she can't write to Abby so that means they broke the law.


The solution in the story was that Amira would write to Abby. The solution for when Amira could not write English So Sadeed wrote down What Amira said.


The setting starts in America at Abby's school when she finds out she is failing sixth grade. Then she gets the extra credit assignment. Then it goes to Afghanistan when Amira gets the letter from Abby asking Amira if she wants to be her pen pal.

Andrew Clements

Andrew Clements is the author of Extra Credit he also wrote the book frindle.

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