Fifth Grade Wildcat News!

August/September 2020

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Hello 5th grade families! This is going to be a great year! We know that it is going to be very different, but together we can make it the best one yet! Open communication will be the key to success this year. If you have questions, or need any help, please don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher. We are all learning and working together to make this a smooth process for our students.

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Chromebook Help Desk

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It is all about CANVAS!

Canvas is our Learning Management System for Cabarrus County Schools. We will be utilizing Canvas daily for our students to complete their assignments and to join our virtual Microsoft Teams meetings. Canvas is easy for students to navigate and provides a safe and secure location for students information. On Monday, the teachers will be walking your child through the process for accessing the needed information. We encourage students to utilize the Inbox component of Canvas for questions outside of class time. Inbox is very similar to an email system for students. Teachers will be checking their inbox daily and responding as needed.


Attendance will be taken daily during Plan C the same as if we were in the school building. The students day will begin at 8:30. All teachers will monitor which students are logged into Microsoft Teams and ready to begin the day and will complete attendance. At 9:00, if your child has not logged in with his or her teacher, they will be marked absent and parents will receive a phone call stating that your child has been counted absent for the day. However, we understand there are situations that may arise causing a student to not be able to log in first thing in the morning. If this is the case and the student logs in to Canvas later in the day and completes their assignments, the attendance can be changed from absent to present for the day.

Teachers will be recording the "live" sessions each morning and posting these recordings to their Canvas page each day. Students can then watch the recordings later in the day to help them complete their work. Please understand these recordings are being made available to help meet the needs of the students. However, we want to stress the importance of attending the "live" sessions each morning with the teacher. The recordings cannot replace the learning that takes place from active discussions and questioning.

If you have any questions regarding attendance, please contact your child's teacher.


  • Remember to charge your Chromebook daily.
  • Login information: first initial, last name, last 4 digits of student ID number [example: Sarah Scott - sscott6789]; password: entire student ID number [ex: 123456789]
  • Be ready to start each day at 8:30!

Synchronous v. Asynchronous Learning

Two terms being used quite a lot right now are Synchronous Learning and Asynchronous Learning. We want to make sure that everyone is completely clear on what each type of learning is and what to expect.

Synchronous Learning is the instruction that will be taking place daily, Monday through Thursday. During the synchronous learning block, 8:30 to 12:00, students will be online and meeting face to face virtually with their teachers through Microsoft Teams. During this time, students will hear daily instruction in all core areas [reading, math, science] directly from their teacher with the opportunity for discussion, questions, and interaction. This synchronous instruction will be extremely important in helping teachers to pace the unit's instruction and to monitor student understanding.

Asynchronous Learning is the instruction that will be taking place daily, Monday through Thursday, in the afternoon and all day Friday. Although, this learning will take place without the direct instruction of the teacher, it is no less important. Through asynchronous learning, students will be working independently on assignments that support the daily and weekly instruction. This practice will show the teachers the students understanding of the information as they complete and submit assignments for each subject.

During Plan C, all remote learning, it is very important for students to be actively engaged in all parts of their learning. Please contact your child's teacher if you have any questions regarding our plan of synchronous and asynchronous instruction.

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August / September Curriculum Information

MATH: Unit 1 will focus on graphing and working with data. Students will collecting data and analyzing graphs. Unit 2 will begin in the middle of September. Unit 2 will focus on exploring models for multiplication and division. Students will be taking notes, creating foldables, using digital tools, and completing Mastery Connect quizzes throughout both units.

READING: The reading curriculum is designed to teach 10 standards throughout the year using a variety of genres. Each unit of study will focus on five or more of the standards. Unit 1 is a realistic fiction unit that focuses on character development. The unit will focus on making inferences, determining theme, comparing characters, settings, and conflicts, analyzing story structure, and the importance of using text evidence to support your thinking and conclusions. Unit 2 is a nonfiction unit that will focus on making inferences, working with main idea and key details, summarizing, analyzing vocabulary, and once again, the importance of using text evidence to support your thinking and conclusions.

SCIENCE: Our first IB unit is WHO WE ARE. This unit will focus on the life science standards for genetics and body systems. The central idea of the unit is IN ORDER TO FUNCTION, PARTS MUST WORK TOGETHER. Students will be working with inquiry activities that help them draw conclusions about how the body systems are connected. The unit will also include a virtual Health Fair displaying students' research and learning.


  • 8/17 1st Day of School
  • 9/7 Labor Day - No School