Welcome to PE!

We're your teachers: Coach Cochran and Coach Williams

Here's what to expect

Hello and greetings from PE! We're going to have a lot of fun this year as we learn so many new skills and really work to improve some of the skills that we may already have. You can look below to see what we are currently learning and what we will set our sights on in the near future.

We also invite you to click the buttons that are a little further down on this page to learn a little bit about each of us and to explore our Map Challenge that we will be working together to complete this school year!

A New Face In The Gym

Coach Bender is a student teacher from Appalachian State University. He will be here working alongside us until December.

What are we learning?

  • We will learn/review our PBIS matrix.
  • We will learn some fun games to play at home or at recess.
  • We will complete our annual Fitnessgram pre-assessment. (It isn't as scary as it sounds, we promise!)
  • We will learn new and sharpen pre-existing soccer skills.

Explore Our Map Challenge HQ!