How large is Sweden?

Sweden is approximately 173,732 sq miles large. The size isn't necessarily what makes Sweden a prominent country, however it does contribute to it. For instance if Sweden was the size of Connecticut then obviously it wouldn't have as much power.

Population of Sweden

Sweden has 9.517 million people as of 2012. This contributes to Sweden's power because without a large population they would be irrelevant in the world. Even though this is just a fraction of the population of the United States, without a large population Sweden wouldn't be nearly as powerful.

Sweden's Education

Sweden has the majority of it's country educated, however only at the lowest levels. The higher you go up the lower the percent's get. This is definitely critical to the country's power. If they don't have an educated population then their country is going to fall apart.

Sweden's Armed Forces

Sweden has approximately 49,400 soldiers which is a very low amount compared to other countries. Obviously military power isn't why Sweden is powerful. They would need quite a bit more soldiers to even be considered a military power. This is just a fraction of the amount of soldier America has which is one of the reasons we are so powerful.

Sweden's Physcical Features

Sweden has many different physical features ranging from lakes, rivers, and mountains. One of the most well known physical features is the Scandinavian Mountains which runs through Sweden. Sweden's physical features don't really affect its power, however it might bring in some extra revenue with tourism.

Swedish Economy

Sweden relies heavily upon exports to run it's economy. Due to the abundance of natural resources Sweden basically runs it's entire economy off of exporting. This allows Sweden to trade with various countries and assert it's dominance in the global trading market. This is one of the reasons Sweden is powerful, without their natural resources or their economy Sweden would be nothing.