Spaghetti Bridges

Who Can Build the Strongest?


To design and construct the strongest bridge made of spaghetti noodles and glue.

Why Spaghetti?

Why not toothpicks or balsa wood? Spaghetti is very unforgiving. Design is much more important in a spaghetti bridge than a toothpick one. Spaghetti is also available in a nice form for construction--long cylindrical rods. And, one can’t complain about the cost. . .


To ensure that all variables are controlled so that it is all about the design and construction...

  1. Can only use spaghetti noodles supplied by your teacher.
  2. Can only use the glue supplied by your teacher.
  3. Bridge must span a 50cm space.
  4. Bridge must not weigh more than 250g
  5. Supports the heaviest load suspended from the center of the span.
  6. The bridge is to be supported only by horizontal surfaces at each end.
  7. See general schematic below...
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