Let school begin at 10 o'clock !

Youngsters would be more productive !

Let school begin at 10 o'clock

Almost half of the Flemish youngsters struggle with a chronic sleep deprivation It's understandable because they need to sleep at least 8 hours and it takes long before they fall asleep. The youngsters can't avoid this problem , this is naturally. The experts want to import a proposal that school begins later, because they think it's very important to accept the biological rhythm. This problem has also been demonstrated in the United States. , there the students are allowed to sleep more and so they were more alert and attentive and they even had less stress. So if we could solve this problem , there will be benefits for the youngsters but also for the teachers. E.g. if the youngsters could sleep more, they will cooperate and be more productive , and I think every teacher will appreciate it .

Nicolas D

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