End of the Year Tech Tips

TPS Instructional Technology, June 2013

Student Detail Report - Save a Copy of Your TAC Gradebook

Teachers are required to keep a copy of their gradebooks for a number of years. Watch the video below or view the linked handouts for directions to run a Student Detail report for each course/class you manage in TAC. The report runs a PDF file for you to save, print, or archive per your building's end-of-the-year procedures. View the handout for step-by-step directions or watch the quick videos below.

Student Detail Report Videos

TPS Student Detail Report Elem
TPS StudentDetailReport Secondary Staff

File Back-Up

Are you moving to a new position and getting a different computer? Have you backed-up your files lately? Now is the time back-up your files. Here is some information for that process:

  • It's best to keep your files off the computer Desktop. This includes your "Critical Files" folder. Instead, consider moving files to the Documents library or other location and making a shortcut on the Desktop.
  • We recommend that you move your important files to your network drive (H: drive) or to your SharePoint My Site.
  • If you still have a "Critical Files" folder on your desktop, please note that it does NOT back-up automatically to any other location.
  • You can quickly save/copy folders of files to an external device such as a USB stick or USB hard drive.
  • You can also quickly save/copy folder of files to your H: drive or SharePoint My Site.


SWIFT version 2 is here, and we’ve been helping teachers move their SWIFT websites into the new version. It’s quick and easy to move your site and existing content into version 2, and we have resources to assist:

- Watch the 3 minute video to migrate from version 1 to version 2

- View the handouts (http://help.swiftclassroom.com)

- Contact Instructional Technology for log-in help or password resets (571-3541)

Please move your SWIFT site into version 2 as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may lose some content when we move all remaining accounts during July 2013. If you are transferring to a different TPS school and want your site moved over now, please contact us.

TAC 3.0

The new version of eSchoolPLUS was installed last month on our test server and we have been busy learning the ins and outs of the new system. The biggest change in the system is the new Teacher Access Center. Trainings are scheduled in August for all district staff who are currently using TAC. We’ve scheduled building trainers to attend sessions in August. Like last year, these building trainers will then train the staff in their buildings. There are drop-in sessions for anyone to attend also in August. Check out the exciting redesign of the grade book and the new displays of student information.

Most all of the requests for enhancements or upgrades from staff in Tacoma are included in this new version.

Here are a few images from the new TAC 3.0.

Click below for larger images of the new TAC 3.0

Upcoming Tech Classes @ the Puget Sound ESD in Renton:

  • June 6 - Introduction to Windows 8 with Sherri Desseau
  • July 18 - iPads for Educators (iPad or iPad Mini included) with Sherri Desseau

  • July 23 - Tips and Tricks for iPads with Sherri Desseau

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