Welcome to Paola's Colony

Find out why my colony is the best place for you to stay

Why should you settle in to Texas?

You should settle in Texas because it have good resources, there's a lot of rivers, mines, and cheap land. The land cost $1.25 per 80 acres, so it's cheap for people who want to start a farm or raise livestock. There are good resources and a lot of rivers, so if you want to build a house or need water to wash your cloths then Texas have the materials that you need.
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Why should you stay in my colony?

You should stay in my colony because we have good resources, we are near a river, we raise livestock, farm, and have a lot of land. When families stay in my colony they get one labor if they want to farm or one sitio if they want to ranch, You will be protected from any harm and your property. When you stayed here we will provide you the materials that you need to ranch or farm and you won't get to paid taxes in the first 10 years of living here.

What kind people I'm looking for?

I'm looking for trustworthy, kind, and strong people and families. Looking for men who is strong, brave, and love to do hard work, but don't worry guys you'll get paid for your hard work. Looking for women who will take care of the kids, clean, cook, and make cloths. We'll be appreciated for all your hard work ladies. Plus who ever break the rules in my colonies and do horrible things will get kicked out of my colony and never return back again, so choose your choices wisely.

What resources do my colony have?

My colony is near by the San Antonio River so there's plenty of water to drink or take a bath. We have lumber, coal, livestock, and vegetation, so you can have a warm fire or a tasty meal to eat. We will also try to bring other goods to our colony but for the mean this is what resources we have. Also if you want to start a ranch we will provide you 2 cows, two sheep, and two chickens to start with so you can start raising them and populate them plus is going to be one female and one male for each different kind of animal.
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Ready to settle in to my colony? Then follow these rules.

If you're ready to settle into my colony then here are some rules to follow.

  1. You have to be christian to able to live in my colony.
  2. You're not allowed to steal, hurt, kill, or anything that will harm anybody or their property
  3. You only have three chances in my colony! The first one will be a warning, the second one we will punish you for what you have done, and the third one we will kick you out of my colony and you can't return back to my colony.
  4. People can't be allowed in your house without your permission unless they're soldiers from different colonies who need to stay and to recovered and I said that you need to let them stay then you have too.

Time to settle in my colony.

Now that you have read my paper I bet you're ready to stay in my colony! But don't worry my colony won't be all about hard work we will also have fun! We will celebrate holidays and other fun stuff. Plus if you stay here we will protect you from any harm from Indians and other people who will try to attack my colony. We will provide you food and water if you ever settle in my colony for the very first time. Remember that in my colony is about hard working and fun at the same time, we won't force you to do the job that you don't want. You can be a miner, a farmer, or a rancher your choice, but remember to also follow the rules in my colony so you won't be a bad person and you have to get kicked out of my colony. Can't wait to see you at my colony.
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