Victoria the School Leader #Selfie

By Victoria Yin Class: 5K

Introduce Myself

Hello! My name is Victoria AKA: Vicky. I'd like to give a introduction to why I'd like to be school leader. Being a school leader isn't really what I lived for but my parents forced me to get good grades so they told me to become school leader. Being school leader can use a lot of leading and guiding but that's not me. I'd like to show people I'm responsible and honest even though I lie sometimes. Here, keep reading and learn what it's like to be school leader.

It is Hard Work Being School Leader

Being school leader can be very tiring and hard working. When you're school leader people will be like "Can you help me with this?" "Can you help me with that?" This is pretty fustrating isn't it? If you don't care about it, go ahead and try out for school leader.

What do School Leaders do?

To be exact, school leaders don't do much. They have meetings with the SRC, become buddies with little kids, have meetings and morning tea with teachers etc. Being school leader also means homework. Lots and lots of homework. The types of homework that they get depends on what's happening at the school maybe a carnival, or even Christmas! That's what you do if you're school leader.
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School Leader Participates in Everything

To be school leader, you'll have to put in your face. Put in your face means to let people see you in person and participate in various activities. Like Raymond Mai, he participated in debating, tournament of the minds, camping, choir etc. Many other school leaders do these activities you know. Do you participate in school activities? If you do, you'd be perfect for being school leader.

Sum up

I hope you all understand why I'd like to be school leader. Even though this presentation isn't really reasons why I'd like to be school leader but I hope you've learnt something new. WAIT!!

I'm not finished yet. Please move on to the next.

My 3 Reasons of Being School Leader.

Here we go.These are the 3 reasons why I'd like to be school leader.

Reason 1: First I want to be school leader because I want good grades. Getting good grades can make it easier for me to get into selective school. When you're school leader, your grades will go a little higher than being a normal school pupil. This is reason 1.

Reason 2: The second reason why I'd like to be school leader is because I get to lead. Being school leader doesn't exactly lead the whole school. The teachers do. Being school leader is to lead the SRC and well, the pupils in the school. This is reason 2.

Reason 3: The final reason why I'd like to be school leader is because I get to have choices. Imagine if there was a choice between posponing the carnival to Wednesday or to Friday. The teachers can't deicide. School leader pops up and helps pick. Yes, school leaders do this. It's very common around Australia. They also pick different things like toys or balls. It's their choice. This is reason 3.

In my Final Words

In my final words I'd like to say there are many different jobs that a school leader has to do. Even though I don't really like being school leader, I think it's a good idea to try out. Remember a school leader isn't shy and also doesn't cry. That's my motto. Jokes. I hope you'll have better luck than me. Victoria Yin signing out.