Ancient Egyptian Medicine

By: Meagan Robare and Maddie Sauro

Medicine Emerging to Ancient Egypt

Medicine emerged to Ancient Egypt around the 12th century. Commonly used to heal are herbs, acupuncture and prayer. The herbs worked the best. They used the medicine to treat injuries and sicknesses. They used that because the herbs worked better than the medicine, in some cases.

Types of Medicine they Practiced

The most common type of medicine they practiced was mummification. It was the most important because they had to make the dead bodies into mummies. They practice other medicines other than the mummification process, but that is the most common one. They also cured eye infections and many diseases. Those are a few of the most common medical practices.

The Mumificational Process

First, they body is taken to a tent called the "Ibu".Then, the embalmers clan the body with water from the Nile. Then, the embalmer's men cut into the left side of the body and remove most of the internal organs. Then, they cover and stuff the body. After forty days, they cover the body with water from the Nile and oils to keep the skin elastic. They place the organs in canopic jars. Lastly, they wrap the body in linen.
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This is Important to us Today

Some of the inventions in Ancient Egypt are strange. They are useful, but are very weird. One way to cure an eye infection was with honey and human brain. It worked and we made changes to it, but it wasn't the easiest way to do it. These medicines are important to us today because if they didn't make them back then, we would have to start from scratch and it would take a lot longer to make a new medicine. Since they made medicines in the past, all we have to do now is change few things here and there to make it work.