By:Imani marshall

Who are toms

Toms is a company that sell shoes to improve a person life everyday. For every pair of shoes they sell, it goes towards improving lives, giving sight and giving water.

Blake Mycoskie

Blake was traveling in Argentina and saw the hardships of children who didn't have shoes to wear. He wanted to make business to help kids get shoes. His idea turned into a big successful company now known as Toms.




resources they use are pig suede.


inflation impacts toms because they might lose people buying shoes because their prices goes up.
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Economic system

Toms is market economic system because they have investments and also they plans are based on the supply and demand.


Its affects toms because they can trade with other companies and they can ship anywhere around the world.
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positive or negative

this company is positive because the business is a good company and everything they sell is good. They don't do anything illegal.

Should we buy toms?

yes because when you spend your money on a pair of shoes, your giving a pair to a child in need or its going towards families who need help, money wise.