Middle East Culture


Middle East Culture

There are cultures around the world that come in form in different ways of language,religion,laws,and their behavior. But none comes to the middle east a indian looking like culture.In middle east there are there laws,goverments,and presidents. What formed it was its conflict there conflict had made its history around its fair share of times. They believed in many gods that lived in ancient times before there morden times like say for example in ancient times had simples machines.

In modern egypt they have partly technology on their times. There weapons changed from ancient to modern.Ancient had bows,swords,shields,and throwing rocks for a long range attack. Now in modern times they now have guns,grenades,rocket launchers,and C4’s.Since there battles went on so did there conflict between different states.

But now they have governments and a president to keep all states at peace. Yet they still have conflict to move on for their lives depending on actions and behavior. Also we don't know about the future between all other countries either their allies,rivals,or just regular. so it's important if we live in peace and never have a war between other countries. All of that was there conflict now we move on to their culture. They have celebrations to support where they meet families,friends,and other people they think they are friends. There is one celebrations where they have a rule where they can’t eat their food until sunset and not drink as well.

There are three religions:Judaism,Christian,and Islam.Judaism is when Muslims have a Jewish church to pray to many gods(Or maybe one).Christian is when they pray to only to God,Jesus Christ,and the Holy Spirit. And Islam is when they pray to this big thing square and have touch the thing before leaving and after praying.