Smore by: Dhara Shelat

Unbelievable is a book by Sara Shepard. It is in a series called "Pretty Little Liars". The book has 368 pages and is a Mystery/Thriller book. The lexile of the book is 770.

One of the characters that changes a lot through the book is Emily. She is one of the main characters. She gets sent to Iowa to live with her 3 cousins and their strict parents because her mom was unhappy with her for something. While she was there, she was taught how to sneak out and party by her cousins and also how to live without texting her friends back in Rosewood. She also made a lot of new friends in Iowa.

Maya was one minor character who was very important to the story. This is because she was very important to Emily before she went to Iowa. Maya was still back in Rosewood when Emily was gone and Emily met another girl there named Tessa. Tessa and Emily became very close and Emily forgot about Maya. When Emily went back to Rosewood, she wasn't as close to Maya as before and Maya found out about Tessa. Maya was very mad at Emily and they broke up.

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