The Miller

Miller Life

Miller Tales

The Miller - Stout and Brawny with a wart on his nose and a big mouth both literally and figuratievley . He threatens the Host when he drunkenly threatens to tell the second tale the miller enjoys over turning conventions , he ruins the host Carefully storytelling order . He rips doors off the hinges and tells a tale that is somewhat religious ,carpenters,women he points out that he is married hisself but doesn't worry because some men are sleeping with his wife because it is none of his business , "thou art a fool " the miller apologizes for the tale he is about to tell " ale of Southwerk"

"As greet as thuder-dent"

The Host tells the Miller to let someone better tell it but he just wouldn't ,he reminds everyone that he is drunk and shouldn't be held accountable for anything thing he says but the miller insists on telling his tale and soon begin his story .