A Flipped Learning Experience

Elgin Elementary's Campus Safety Plan

Instructions for the Flipped Training Session

This flipped professional development opportunity will allow you to get information regarding our campus safety plan, in a non - traditional format. My goal is to see if this model can maximize our time and energy. ALL faculty and staff are expected to know this information, so that everyone knows what do do in the event of an emergency. I look forward to hearing your feedback. Here are the steps to your online training:

  1. View the attached power point presentation and Campus Safety Plan Handbook for Elgin Elementary School.
  2. Develop any clariying questions, and use the attached survey link to record your responses on or before Thursday, September 10th. Completion of the survey will serve as verification of your attendance.
  3. If applicable, pick up your classroom and/or office's Emergency Response Guide from Ms. Turner on or before Thursday, September 10th. (Bring a classroom roster with you when you come to pick up your Emergency Response Guide)
  4. If applicable, pick up your Campus Go Kit from Nurse Knapek on or before Thursday, September 10th.
  5. Have fun learning and... Be Safe ~ Be Respectful ~ Be Responsible

Always with teaching and learning in mind,

Felicia Turner

Assistant Principal

Questions or More Information?

Please contact Felicia Turner at felicia.turner@elginisd.net with any additional questions regarding the Campus Safety Plan.

Special Accolades

Special thank you to Holly Reid, Assistant Principal of Neidig Elementary, for creating the power point to share with all elementary campuses.