The lovely ladybug hotel and resort

Fun water resort, day camp, and day spa for the family

Hunt and dine

The garden buffet has a wide variety of juicy delectable garden bugs to choose from, to fill up your carnivorous abdomens. To make it fun for you and the kids you get to hunt your own food.

Rooms or condos

Living accommodations and rooms

Only the finest of rooms are made for your accommodations. some of our resorts can be found in north America and any warmer climate. You will have a lovely leaf bed and your suite will include a lovely arrangement of insects for you to choose from. We also have a lovely log in each room for napping or just sitting around.

Protection and safety

At this resort you and your family will be perfectly protected from predators such as the assassin bug, the spider, stink bug, and toads. We only allow ladybugs to enter this hotel and resort. We also provide protection from pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

water park

Our water park includes a leaf slide and other fun water rides for you and the kids!
For more information call

1-800-ladybug or visit our website

Daycare center

If you want to have a night out bring your kids to the little ladybug day camp we will take great care of them while you relax and have fun. Average life span is 2 to 3 years.

Where are we

We are in the trees and can be found in many of the nicest forests.