Secondary Science Resources

Vocabulary Development

Padlet - an online space to create a collaborative, digital word wall. Getting a leg up on the more traditional word wall, Padlet allows users to create sticky notes that can include text, images, links and videos. Teachers can embed this into a classroom website or blog which makes it a go-to collaborative space for students.

ThingLink - an interactive media platform that empowers publishers, educators, brands, and bloggers to create more engaging content by adding rich media links to photos and videos.

StudyBlue - Flashcards, review sheets & quizzes. StudyBlue is a collaborative learning ecosystem that empowers more than 7 million people to master any subject. Students can connect with others who are on a similar learning journey through a shared library of more than 250+ million pieces of user-generated content.

MindMo - is a simple technique for drawing information in diagrams, instead of writing it in sentences. The diagrams always take the same basic format of a tree, with a single starting point in the middle that branches out, and divides again and again. The tree is made up of words or short sentences connected by lines. The lines that connect the words are part of the meaning.

Teaching with Tech: Collaborating with Padlet
Creating a Basic Padlet Wall

Quality Formative Assessment

Teaching with Technology the "Wright" Way

No BYOD or Limited Technology

But what if you have no computers, no cell phones, no nothing? Do you have a smartphone or tablet?

Verbal Questioning

For verbal questions: Log into Plickers and create a page for each student. This tool will code in the student's name and answers. Hand each student their plicker card and ask a question. The student will hold the card up in the direction of their answer. Looking at the class through the camera on your smartphone inside the Plicker app, you’ll see the name of each student and whether he or she got the answer right to the question you just asked!

Quick Quizzes

QuickKey is one mobile scanning app for the iPhone. There are several others, such as ZipGrade and GradeCam. The disadvantage of this method is that your questions must be multiple choice. You print out the short form and students bubble it in. Use your smartphone to immediately know what students know with a snap of a picture.
Here's How to Use Plickers

Differentiated Instruction

Additional Resources

New Sims - PhET Simulations

Molecular Workbench - Visual and Interactive simulations for learning science

Science Videos - Science Channel

WebQuests - 6th & 7th grade science WebQuests

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