Pavegen Tiles

By: Varunika, Shreya, Daniel, and Rudra

What are pavegen tiles?

Pavegen tiles are small tiles on the floor that generate energy when you step on them. Brazil used them in soccer fields to play in the dark. If installed in places you mostly are you will power energy that you need.

How are they useful?

These tiles are only useful when you use them for what's needed. To make sure energy is not wasted you have to turn off or unplug anything you don't need. It doesn't seem like much to turn off appliances and others, but if you add multiple people doing it together it could reduce the worlds consumption by a lot. You could unplug desktops, TVs, and other appliances.

Where can you get them and what's the cost?

You'd get them at PaveGen System and they are a little expensive, $76 per tile.