2nd Primary News

January 2015

Goal 5

Schools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to educate to personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom.

The New Year

Welcome back and Happy New Year! We've already kicked off 2015 with some exciting events. We celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany and enjoyed a king cake treat with the class. We are also turning into 2nd grade historians by researching important facts about Andrew Jackson, our city, state, and the Bicentennial Celebration of the Battle of New Orleans. Ask your daughter what she's learned this week!

Special thanks to our fabulous Room Mothers, Karen Dufour, Liza Thomas, and Gigi Trelo for organizing our 2nd Primary Party! And thanks to all the moms who helped in making our precious Frozen ornaments and preparing the classroom/hallways for our festive Christmas celebration. The girls loved spending time with family/friends and we truly appreciate all of your help!

The bookstore will be open at the Mater campus this Thursday, January 8th from 9-1.

When you bring your daughter to school on Tuesday, January 20, please stay for a few minutes for a brief family prayer service. Families are invited to sit together in the NIMS for our Peace Chapel. We anticipate this will last from approximately 8:00 am-8:20 am.

Peace to all in 2015!

MLK Holiday - No School - January 19th

English Language Arts


The Super magazine theme this month is Color Crazy. In this issue your daughter will learn about a whole rainbow of topics. They’ll get tips on what to do when they’re feeling blue, meet some students with green thumbs, and peek inside a Chinese New Year’s celebration.


In our novels, we will be reading Breakout at the Bug Lab, a fun story with a big problem involving a giant cockroach on the run. The second book is Tornado, a captivating story within a story about two tornadoes and one special dog.

Boot It
Book It folders are due on Friday, January 30th. This month, please help your child select a non-fiction book with a glossary located in the back.


This month, we will help your daughter select her most memorable experience and craft it into a personal story. Plot, mood, setting, and characters are the fundamentals of a story. She will use the 5 steps of a writing process to complete the work - plan, draft, revise, edit, and publish.


In math we are working with number stories and seeing that there are many ways to solve a number story. Your daughter is exploring operations by using concrete objects, diagrams, and number models to answer real-life problems. The girls are also being exposed to the underlying concepts of multiplication and division. We are using a variety of contexts: addition involving equal groups, arrays, equal sharing, and finding fractional quantities (for example, give your friend half of your counters).
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