VCR Lesson 7 Presentation

Joseph Scott Jegier

Fill in the blank:

She received the Nobel Prize in Science for her ______________ contributions to the field.



  1. Praiseworthy; deserving reward or esteem.


  • laudable
  • commendable
  • admirable
  • worthy
  • deserving
  • creditable
  • exemplary
  • excellent


  • discreditable
  • blameworthy
  • shameful
  • deplorable
  • unacceptable
  • unworty




meritum - to deserve

meritoruis - 15th Century Latin - meant deserving of divine grace, after which English added the "o" to the end.

Choose the incorrect usage.

  1. Mother commended daughter, for she had made meritorious grades at school.
  2. He was so humble that he did not accept his award, even though his actions were meritorious.
  3. Her dancing is meritorious; the whole crowd views at her tacky dancing as strange.
  4. Even though she was meritorious, she did not receive the scholarship because of biased interviewers.
  5. I deserve and A for my meritorious presentation.