Keep Calm

And Fight For EPILEPSY

What is Epilepsy ?

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder caused by excessive electrical pulses in the brain. Its seizures vary from a brief faint and memory troubles to long periods of shaking and loss of consciousness.

Common Misconceptions about Epilepsy

-Epileptic people are intellectually challenged

-They are physically limited and cannot work

-They are contagious

We Need to Correct these Stereotypical Ideas to:

Events and Activities

In Collaboration with ECAL

1. We will collaborate with the NGO called The Association for the Care of People with Epilepsy in Lebanon (ECAL) to organize a fund raising in AUB, like a bake sale. During this sale, we will be distributing the flyers on the students in order for them to know the importance of their participation and to correct their beliefs, if they have any wrong ones, on epileptic people. Thus, we will be at the same time spreading awareness on the matter, and collecting money for the NGO to provide them with medication ( since it doesn’t have enough income to do so).

Keep Calm and Wear Purple !

We must remember that international day for epilepsy awareness, which is on the 26th of March. It is commonly known as Purple Day! Be Part of the Movement !