By: Daniela Aldape

What is Darwinism?

    1. Darwin's Theory of Evolution is the widely held notion that all life is related and has descended from a common ancestor: Everything is related. All the animals for example birds, fishes, flowers, monkeys, dogs etc. All the spices in the world have a common ancestor. It is really impressive. Random genetic mutations occur within an organism's genetic code, the beneficial mutations are preserved because they aid survival -- a process known as "natural selection." There are many postulates in the Darwinism, you can see variation, inheritance, survival tactics and extinction.

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What is variation? Variation is what we call mutation, it is the material in which natural selection acts and the way they act. Charles demonstrated that variation was common in many species but he did not now why or how it happened. Then he published "origin of the spices" and he began to understand the genetics. Variation includes a lot of spices, like insects etc. you can see he color etc.
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What is inheritance? Inheritance is when you look a like to your parents. They pass the trait to you. it happens with all humans and all spices in the world. The people that make you pass the trait that now, describe you. This is how the offsprings are able to adapt and live in the environment that their parents raised them in.
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Survival Tactics

What are survival tactics? This is how organisms have the instance to save them selfs and defend them selfs. Like tigers, they automatically think that some one that gets close to them what to kill them, so they attack. There are many tactics in the world to survive. There also different survival ways like food and heat. But if you are cold and hungry you have no survival.
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Some traits that some of the different spices have are not able to survive and pass along. They are not suited for them or for any other organism So this causes extinction. Some animals now a day have been extinct. For example dinosaurs are extinct a long time ago.

Extinction is the end of a organism group, they die because of lack of survival tactics and traits not being processed correctly.

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