Spanish Class Happenings!!!

Week of 3/9/15 in Sra. Gasque's Class

Join Tutoring this Wednesday After-School from 3:40 - 4:15

I welcome all students to join for tutoring and especially encourage anyone who has had questions on topics in class, received anything less than 80% on an assignment or if you KNOW you could not complete an assignment due to lack of understanding.... come on over!

Expectations: Bring a snack (but don't leave a mess) , know what you want to work on and have your incomplete classwork, returned quizzes, etc. And last, arrange your ride home. Let me know in advance if you anticipate you will need more time... I will work with you!

Oh, bring your patient hat - you may have to share me with others!

Conferences are Coming!!!

If any parents would like to arrange a conference with me next week, we can do so by phone or face-2-face... just shoot me an email so we can schedule. I can be reached at:

- Thank you!

Spanish 1 Traditional

We are now applying what we have learned to discuss our school days and activities. This is time for all previous lessons to start culminating. We will have the following going on for this week:

Monday – 2.1 work package review, check on verb charts for completion, Work on 2.2 packages - due Friday... students should do a bit each day to practice at home and ask questions the next day if they are struggling.

Tuesday – Ser v. Estar review and time (2.2 practice work)

Wednesday – Ir Introduction and activity (2.2 practice work)

Thursday – Ir practice (2.2 practice work)

Friday – Quiz

Spanish 1 Block

We are now learning how to describe ourselves and others! This is a fun unit as we are now learning how to put descriptive sentences together. A project is going to be given and due at the end of the week. Students will be expected to present without using notes and reading off their papers... know that vocabulary! Below is the list of activities for the week:

Monday: Review Work Packages, Introduce Adjectives, Descriptions Hmwk.

Tuesday: Practice with Adjectives- Play "Guess Who", Project Assignments

Wednesday: Quiz and Projects. We will work on projects during class so be prepared!

Thursday: Work on Projects and review "tarea", along with past assessments

Friday: Projects Due and Presentations

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Spanish 2 Traditional

We learned about the diversity of celebrations and observances in the Spanish speaking culture. Now we are expanding that knowledge by adding related vocabulary of food, gifts, places, etc. We are also learning how to add complexity to our writing by using Object Pronouns! It is not all new knowledge as we often use these devices but just haven't discussed the grammar rules for them. Below is a list of what we plan to cover this week!

Monday: Celebrations Unit Package, Translate pg. 150-151 and complete Preguntas Personales

Tuesday: Read and write summary for pgs. 152-153 and complete Actividades 1-4 on pg. 154-155

Wednesday: Introduce DOP’s, do activity

Thursday: Practice DOP’s

Friday: Quiz

Spanish 2 Block

Whew! Block classes move so fast! We are now applying the vocabulary and grammar we have been introduced to, towards discussing travel and activities in the past. A project is coming along soon and there is lots of memorization needed as well. This is best done by daily practice and use. Students now have developed some tools they can use to organize their thoughts, and resources as they move forward! This week's lessons include:

Monday: Review Work Packages, check Reg. Preterit, Orthographic practice work

Tuesday: Fab 5 preterit review and activities

Wednesday: Quiz on Vocabulary, Regular, Orthographic Changing verbs and Fab 5 Preterit and Intro Irregular Preterit

Thursday: Irregular Preterit Practice and activities (start project)

Friday: Irregular Preterit practice and activities (work on project)