My Smore Flyer

Abraham ortelius. 1570

Published the worlds first atlas also the first collection of maps . Beacuse without an atlas we wouldn't know where we were .

James hutton 1760

Uniformitarianism was his theory. Earths crust . He helped us under stand the earths crust. James Hutton is also known as the father of modern geology.

Alfred wegener 1912

That the continents were together . They fit together perfectly a long time ago. Alfred Wagner was a meteorologist before he became a geologist .

Harry hess 1960

Theory of plate tectonics ,the see floor spreading ,because it tells us how we keep getting more land.arthur Holmes is carrying on the work in 1929 .

Dan makenzie 1970

theroy of plate tectonics crust moving . Mantel analysis. Beacuse without the theory of plate tectonics we wouldn't know how the earth quake formed