Mrs. McCown's Class News

September/October 2015

The School Scoop

What a great first quarter we've had in 2nd grade! I can't believe that we've already made it through a whole quarter this year. The students have been working so hard and I am so impressed with how much they have grown already this year. Thank you all so much for coming in for first quarter conferences; it was a pleasure meeting with each of you and being able to share how great your kids are doing in school!

What are we learning....

Reading: Readers Develop Expertise in Science & Social Studies

- Identify, understand, and use diagrams and photographs in non-fiction texts

- Know and apply grade level phonics to decode words

- Determine the meaning of words and phrases in non-fiction texts using surrounding sentences, photographs, illustrations, & other text features.

- Compare and contrast most important points of 2 texts on the same topic.

- Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of key details in a text.

- Recognize and use text features in a non-fiction text


- Non-Fiction Writing

- Partner research and writing

- Safe Internet Researching & Researching from a Text

-Writing a Non-Fiction Piece using Research

- Edit and revise writing pieces with peer and/or teacher support

Math: Place Value

- Place value and understanding the 3-digits or a 3-digit number

- Understanding 100’s, 10’s, and 1’s

- Representing numbers in multiple ways (Standard Form, Number Word, Expanded Form, Quick Draw)

- Reading and writing numbers in multiple ways

- Decomposing numbers

- Skip counting by 5’s, 10’s, & 100’s

- Number lines

- Comparing 3-digit numbers using symbols: > greater than, < less than, & = equal to

Social Studies: History and Culture

- Explore people, events, and artifacts from the past

- Read and create timelines about famous Americans

- Understand how timelines are useful when learning about history

- Explore and understand primary and secondary sources

- Understand various cultures influence on communities

- Compare information from more than one source

Science: Sound

- Vibrations cause sound

- Pitch (High & Low)

- Tension

- Volume (Loud & Quiet)

- Force

Report Cards

Wake County has decided to extend the first quarter into next week. Report cards will be sent home on Wednesday, September 30th.

Parent Handbook

We are sending home the WCPSS parent/student handbook today in a concise version. You can find the handbook in its entirety on the WCPSS website at The school board requests that each parent sign and return the form on the last page of the booklet indicating that you have reviewed the information. Just tear off the last page and send it in with your child on Monday. Thank you for your continued support!

Dates to Remember

Wednesday, September 30 - Report Cards go home

Wednesday, September 30 - First quarter Reading Celebration for students who met their first quarter AR goal.

October 12-16 Spirit Week

October 12th Mustache Monday (wear a mustache)

October 13th Twisted Tuesday (Mix-Match Day)

October 14th Wacky Wednesday (wild and wacky hair)

October 15th Team Pride Thursday (Sports Day)

October 16th Freaky Friday (costume day)

Friday, October 16 - Awards Rally (I will send home more info if your child is receiving an award.)

Friday, October 16 - Early Release - Lunch will be from 11:50-12:20. Car riders will be dismissed at 1:10, buses will begin loading at 1:15, and after school care will be dismissed at 1:30.

October 19-23 Book Fair

Tuesday, October 20 - Fall Celebration (I will be sending further info as this date gets closer.)

Thursday, October 22 - Wednesday, November 11 - TRACK OUT!
Students will return to school on Thursday, November 12th.