The Monday Message

Office of the Principal; Monday, October 17, 2016

2016-17 Work Plan Goals

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Quote for the Week!

"If I mess up, say something, forget something, you will make the generous assumption and check in with me." ~ Brene Brown

Duty Roster

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Monday - I Group on Duty - Major-Murphy (Stewart), Smiley PM Duty

Tuesday - R Group on Duty - Hutto, Jones, PM Duty

Wednesday - M Group on Duty - Jackson, Mays Fowler, PM Duty

Thursday - O Group on Duty - Sava, Thur, PM Duty

Friday - I Group on Duty, Hutto, Major-Murphy, PM Duty

Everyone is asked to report to duty when scheduled.

The Week Ahead

October Monthly Observations

Monday 10/17/16 - International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, Math Coaching with Tina Pateracki, Admin Mtg (9:00am, Cafe'), Department Chair Mtg (3:50pm, TBA), G20 Mtg (3:50pm, Jen Cook's Classroom)

Tuesday 10/18/16 - Department Planning Mtgs (During Planning Periods), Department Meetings (3:50pm, Designated Locations), C-Team Volleyball Game @ Chapin Middle (5:30pm, CMS), SIC/PTO Mtg (5:30pm, FCR)

Wednesday 10/19/16 - Global Dignity Day, PSAT (8th Grade ELA Classes, 8:30am), Principal's Mtg (12:00-4:00pm, DO Board Room), Fall Pep Rally (PM, Gymnasium), C-Team Football Game (H) vs Dutch Fork Middle (5:30pm, WC Hawkins Stadium)

Thursday 10/20/16 - World Statistics Day, Health Screenings, Clerical Team Meeting (9:00am, FCR), C-Team Volleyball PAC Tournament)

Friday 10/21/16 - VC Sumner Field Study, IMIG Pro Magnet Recruitment Filming (All Day)

Please join me in extended our deepest sympathy to Mrs. Carla Dupree and her family on the loss of her father. Hearing about her loss has deeply saddened the entire IMS family. Please keep Mrs. Dupree and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

October Staff Birthdays

Haley Calore, Oct. 3

Kelly Williams, Oct. 3

Sheila Inabinet, Oct. 5

Deborah Burkett, Oct. 14

Karen Mejia, Oct. 18

Tonya Scicere, Oct. 21

Clare Bellucci, Oct. 22

Yvonne Baxter, Oct. 30

Please join me in wishing these amazing IMS staff members a Happy Birthday!

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1. Sheila Inabinet and Glenn Hutto - While Mrs. Major-Murphy has been out, Mr. Hutto and Mrs. Inabinet have united in standing in the GAP and servicing the needs of our students and families. Whether the needs were addressing a dress code violation or processing referrals in a timely fashion, Mrs. Inabinet and Mr. Hutto worked tirelessly in keeping us operationally efficient. iAM so grateful that they've demonstrated that "We are Crew, not Passengers" is more that just a saying. Please join me in giving Mrs. Inabinet and Mr. Hutto a huge iAM shout out.

2. Glenn Hutto, Andrew Williams, Floyd Geiger, and Phillip Doyle (from Mrs. Jennifer Cook) - Mrs. Cook would like to give a shout out to Mr. Hutto, Mr. Andrew Williams, Floyd Geiger, and Phillip for helping to load up the recyclable materials collected into the back of Mr. Hutto's truck. A special shout out goes to Mr. Hutto who drove all of the recyclables to the Broad River road recycling facility. I am so thankful for these men and their service to our school. The district is hoping to work out a deal with Sonoco soon, but in the meantime, I am grateful for these men stepping up and helping us out.

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1. Make-Up Days - As communicated by email, the district has already decided on two of our make-up days (10/10 and 11/7). The third day has not yet been decided. The two days used were staff development days and now have been changed to instructional days. As in years past, this now necessitates the logging of make-up hours (15) to satisfy the state required inservice requirement. We will discuss this as an administrative team and garner input from teacher leaders to devise our process. We will communicate our process to everyone to ensure we are all on the same page.

2. Email Signature - As a MSAP School, we are all supposed to have an email signature that markets our theme to students, parents, and families. In an audit of our emails, it has been discovered that this still needs to be completed by all IMS employees. By 10/19/16, please add the following (using these instructions):

Your Name

Irmo Middle School

International Academic Magnet

**You may have other things there, but these three need to be there.**

Closing Thoughts

Our closing thoughts this week anchors the last element in Brene' Brown's Anatomy of Trust. We have engaged in this work over the past seven weeks. This week's concept is Generosity. Using Dr. Brown's formula, we learn that generosity is when a person extends the most generous interpretation possible to the intentions, words and actions of others. In our language (derived from our norms), we know this to mean "Assume Best Intent."

In my weekend reading, I ran across an article (The Powerful 3-Word Phrase That Makes Me a Better Person) that I felt compelled to use in this summary below.

Assume Best Intent - I’ve used this phrase when someone has done something that leaves my inner social justice warrior ranting and raving. I’ve used it when someone has done something mind-bogglingly violating. I’ve used it when I’ve encountered those all-too-easy-to-escalate misunderstandings. I’ve used it with certain people who have behaved with less-than-OK integrity. I’ve also used it to negotiate periods of deep self-judgement.

Assuming the best is not the same as pretending something hasn’t happened. It’s not gratitude through gritted teeth. We can assume the best and still acknowledge that we don’t accept certain behaviors. Rather, it’s about being as generous as we can with our interpretations about why someone behaved in a certain way.

One of the most helpful things about assuming the best is that it defuses potentially high-drama situations. It’s all too easy to take that unanswered email, that colleague who forgot our birthday, or that tone of voice, and make it all about us.

They must not have answered that email because they don’t like me.
She must have forgotten my birthday because she doesn’t care as much as I do.
They must have spoken to me like that because I did something wrong…

We’re wired to look for potential threats and negative happenings in life. Historically, this mindset has helped us survive. Emotionally, it can lead us to have a victim mentality and be just a teensy bit self-involved.

Assuming best intent helps us step out of the “mememe” frame of mind and look at the other alternatives. For instance, the person who didn’t answer your email might have received 300 other emails that day before yours. The friend who forgot your birthday might have been dealing with a sudden work or family crisis and left school drained and empty at 10pm. The person who used that tone of voice might have eaten an awful sandwich for lunch.

Assuming the best doesn’t excuse icky behaviour. Nor is it a license for people to treat us poorly; I believe healthy boundaries is the ultimate form of kindness, to ourselves and others.

Instead, assuming the best is as much for our own benefit as it is for the other person’s. It’s a chance for us to say no to the drama. It’s a chance to practice compassion with everyone (including ourselves). It’s a chance to extend an olive branch in our most important relationships. It’s a chance to be a better person in our daily dealings with other people. And, whatever the situation, it’s a chance to wish other people well on their journey as we move forward with ours.

Do you have any phrases or internal mantras that help you show up as a better person? Share them here, and let’s all be more patient and compassionate together!

To the Next Level,

Robert S. Jackson, Ed.S., Principal

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