Website Accessibility Workshop

Is your district website accessible to ALL? Are you sure?

Two students in every Iowa classroom have a hearing, visual, physical, or cognitive impairment that impacts how they interact with online websites, applications, and documents.

Turn on your favorite show. Mute the volume and continue watching. By observing the actions of the onscreen characters and making your best attempt at lip reading, how well did you follow the plot line?

Now, imagine if you had a visual impairment that prevented you from fully utilizing your sight. What supports would you need to make sense of the world around you?

Join us on May 18 in Clear Lake for this free one-day workshop to discover just how accessible your district website truly is. Workshop participants will receive a custom analysis of your district's website and guided work time to get your district on the path to making your website accessible to ALL.

Save the Date!

Friday, May 18th, 9am-3pm

Central Rivers Area Education Agency, Clear Lake Office, 9184 265th Street, Suite B, Clear Lake, IA

Please register for this free course #15784, section #30639 through the online PD system.