Google Docs in the Classroom

2 Day session; optional graduate credit available

Google Basics & Beyond the Basics

Day 1 Participants in this workshop will explore these components of Google Docs: Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and Forms. Emphasis will be on how these applications are like Microsoft Office and how they are different, with special emphasis on the collaborative opportunities in Google Docs. Participants will also learn how to import existing documents (such as Microsoft Word, Excel, & PowerPoint) into Google Docs and export them in various formats as well as how to create student groups.

Day 2 Participants will have time to explore more options in Google Apps for Education including self-correcting surveys/quizzes, custom themes in Forms, Google Classroom, and some of the advanced options available in Google Search as well as Apps and Extensions from the Google Store.

Wednesday, September 25 and Thursday, October 2

Diane Plantz | | 715-720-2026