Monroe Memos

What's Happening?


January 27- Kath Mische 30- Cathi Chandler

This Week...

Monday- No School, MLK day!

  • Leadership Team Meeting- 7:45a.m.
  • District Spelling Bee at Harris, 6:30p.m.



Friday- Principal for Day (email will be sent to teachers whose kids will participate)

Next Week...



  • Faculty Meeting, 7:30a.m.
  • Tornado drill, 9:00a.m.


  • Town Hall



  • Character Assembly 9:00
  • Families following assembly until 9:50
  • Reading Analysis Sheets Due Monday, January 30

Jessica J- You've done a great job transitioning back into the groove with your kiddos. It was awesome seeing them do their thing during reading without needing a lot of direction. The community and security in your class is evident in how the kids interact with one another, their willingness to take risks and share their thoughts. This happens because of your work in teaching them to love learning and support each other in doing their best. They know what they need to do to grow and most importantly want to meet their goal. What stands out the most is why they believe this way and it is because you exhibit such confidence and belief in them and it shows. How awesome for these little learners and what a great mindset to develop at such a young age. Awesome!

Becky- You make teaching kindergarten look easy. When we were talking the other day about the many different kiddos who have been in your class over the years I couldn't help but think of the variety of personalities. You seriously make tough situations look easy! You just know that kiddo that needs to sit close, hold your hand when walking in the hall, a listening ear, a high five, a good morning at the door, a friendly reminder, a shout out to the class, and much, much, more! For 35 years you've committed to helping every child who comes through your door each morning but you haven't stopped take in those who need a positive place in their day to shine, you give outside of the school day to make the school better as a whole, you ask if there's anything you can do to help and you have SO much ENERGY! So many kids are lucky to have spent time learning and growing with you and so many of us are lucky to have had a colleague like you to listen, help, laugh and share many wonderful things over the years!

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A glance at February...

2- Data Meetings

3- ERD, 9:00-9:30 Families. PD at Monroe in afternoon

7- Faculty Meeting- Bond Issue Presentation from Central Office

8/9/10- Book Fair

9- Pizza Bingo

14- Valentine's Parties at 2:30

15- Town Hall

16- End of Trimester 2

17- ERD- 9:00 Assembly, 9:30 Families, Horizontal PD Day

20- No School

21- Report Cards Due for Printing (narrative only struggling/retention)

22/23- Conferences

23- ERD

24- No School

28- Faculty Meeting