The Baseball Mystery

Carole Marsh

Realistic Fiction


Mimi, Papa, Jennifer, Roberto, Grant, Christina are the main characters.

My favorite Character

My favorite character is Grant because when ever his little sister is down he helps her get back up. Or in this story he is always there for her and he taught Christina the fun adventures of baseball. I would be friends with this character because he really likes baseball and so do I.

Conflict Of Story

The legend of Babe Ruth comes to life and a robber tries to steal Christina`s Babe Ruth card and sell it for a lot of money and everywhere they go the robber is there and steals something and Robert, Christina, Grant, and Jennifer keep running into Babe Ruth`s ghost.

Why Read

I would like WN readers to read this because if you like baseball or softball you will like this book or Mysteries you will enjoy this amazing book.